Featured in the 2018 GeoHipster Calendar!

When I came across the Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being reports, I knew I needed to dust off my tessellations created for my Commuting Country maps and apply it to the data.

My first thought was symbolize well-being on a scale from a happy face to a frowny face, based on John Nelson's suggestion in his latest ArcGIS blog post to use Chernoff faces for symbology. A quick Google search of PNG faces led me immediately to a bunch of cutouts of celebrity faces and I knew that's what I needed to use. I found faces with a variety of different emotions, from smiling to meh to frowning to crying and played around with a scale that made sense to me.

My initial playing around with the faces was actually quite frightening, though:

Tools Used:

Data Sources:

I was determined to find a way  to make floating heads less disturbing and messed around with various options:

The final product is also creepy, but less so (I hope). Well, I had fun with it regardless.

I am also very excited and honored to announce that this map was selected to be in the 2018 GeoHipster Calendar! Check out the press release here or order yours here.